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  • Homeopathy for Everyone February 2019
    The rich February 2019 issue of Homeopathy for Everyone – WORLD’S most popular homeopathy journal!

  • Revisiting: Head Injury!
    Mother of 3 goes on a shopping trip, comes back with a goose egg! What's the homeopathic remedy? Try and solve the quiz, the answer is at the bottom.

  • What Remedy Was Dr. Martin Luther King?
    February is Black History Month, so it seems only fitting to honor the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by guessing what his constitutional remedy might have been!

  • High Fever in a Baby of 6 Months
    Dr. A.P. Sivakumaran shares a case of a baby of 6 months, breastfed only, with high fever, red patches on face and fear from sudden noises, in which Belladonna failed.

  • Untested method !
    Medical cartoon Feb 2019

  • Phobias During Pregnancy
    Homeopath Stavroula Pervolaraki presents a case of phobias during pregnancy. After the third month of pregnancy, the 34 year old woman developed anxiety of conscience, forsaken feelings and phobias concerning the health of the (...)

  • Multiple Warts in a Man of 45
    Dr. Chanda Shah presents a case of multiple warts in which Baryta carb and Sulphur each covered part of the symptoms, which included hypertension, aversion to responsibility, ailments from death of parents and want of confidence.

  • Sclerosis of Unilateral Sacroiliac Joint in a Woman of 27
    Dr. Vitan Gosain presents a case ofsclerosis of the unilateral sacroiliac joint in a woman of 27. Irresolute, desires company, weeps easily were some symptoms that led to the simillimum. 

  • Some Secrets of a Healthy House
    Editorial Feb 2019

  • Trios in Homoeopathy
    Dr. Rajni Mishra shares 121 trios of remedies, including those for collapse, haemorrhage, convulsions, pneumonia in children, warts, wandering pains, aphasia, prostration and delirium.

  • Tidbits 60: Elaine Cures A Dental Abscess–Again!
    (Another dental debacle!)

  • Homoeopathic Management of Pneumonia In a Child of Two Years
    Dr. Rakesh Gupta presents a case of pneumonia in a child of 2. Edema of the lower lids, craving sour things, ailments from cold drinks when heated, lacrimation during fever and aggravation at night led to the simillimum.

  • Nightmares in a Woman of 19
    Homeopath Rajiv Peres treats a 19 year old woman for nightmares which she attributes to the devil. Nightly 3am to 4am aggravation was a key to the remedy that restored normal sleep.  

  • Injury Cases Quantified
    Drs. Navin Pawaskar, Ashish Ranade and Subodh Naik present 7 cases to illustrate how injury cases can be managed by considering causation, nature of injury, tissue affinity and the goals.

  • Two Cases: Upper Respiratory Tract Infection and Allergic Asthma
    Dr. Gaurang Gaikwad share cases of respiratory tract infection and allergic asthma. One or more of the acute symptoms were the key in both cases.

  • Syncope with Vertigo in a man of 73
    Dr. Chetna Rochani presents a case of syncope with vertigo in a man of 73. His desire to do something creative and his nostalgia about earlier times led to a remedy in the 5th row of the silver series and the 13th column in Scholten’s (...)

  • Anxiety in a Woman of 55          
    Homeopath Ann Brabant treats a woman of 55 for anxiety and low energy.  The sensations of something moving in the abdomen and feeling fragile led to Thuja as the simillimum.

  • Feedback from January 2019
    Readers comment on“Why I Became a Homeopath” by Dr. Richard Moskowitz, “Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura” by Dr. VitanGosain, “Irregular Menses and Excessive Bleeding” by Vatsala Sperling, and more.

  • Ask The Holistic Vet  – Dr. Deva Khalsa – February 2019
    Holistic veterinarian Dr. Deva Khalsa comments on vaccines, seizures n a German shepherd, a spayed chihuahua, inflamed testicle in a rat terrier and birth control for cats.

  • Herpes Zoster in a Woman of 46
    Dr. Tasleem Kalawadia shares a case of Herpes Zoster in a woman of 46. A search of the Complete Repertory and the repertories and M.M. of Boericke and Phatak revealed the simillimum.

  • Homeopathy’s Healing Powers
    Homeopath Vatsala Sperling explains how Homeopaths Bhawisha and Sachindra Joshi and Rajan Sankaranhave taken the practice to whole new level levels. She finds that every client is on a spiritual path which can be assisted by (...)

  • Paracelsus
    Homeopath Ann Sorrell explores the life and career of  Paracelsus, the Swiss-German philosopher, physician, botanist, astrologer and general occultist. His philosophical view was that Nature itself was the source of knowledge.

  • Prophylaxis within Homeopathy – Some Points Necessary to Understand
    Homeopath Cathy Lemon presents the case for homeoprophylaxis, referencing Drs. Arthur Grimmer, Isaac Golden, SrinivasuluGadugu, Muhammed Rafeeque, Dorothy Shepherd, Richard Hiltner, Ravi Roy and others. Historical and current data are examined as (...)

  • Dr. AsimShaikh,  Chair – World Homeopathy Awareness Organization is interviewed by Alan V. Schmukler
    Our editor chats with Dr. Asim Shaikh, Chair of the World Homeopathy Awareness Organization.The WHAO helpscreate aworldwide network to promote homeopathy through an annual world homeopathy awareness week.  

  • Is Naturopathic Treatment in Australia Associated with an Increase in Mortality and Morbidity Risk?
    Due to the discussion of statutory registration of naturopaths in Australia, Robert Medhurst compares the risk posed by naturopathic treatment with that posed by orthodox medical treatment

  • Global Developmental Delay  Holistic Evidence-based Homoeopathic Approach
    Dr. Neha Patel presents a plan for the holistic assessment and homeopathic treatment of developmental delay. Case analysis helps form an Essential Evolutionary Totality that leads to selection of the simillimum.

  • Gentiana lutea
    Homeopath Ralf Jeutter shares a summary of the main points of his provingof Gentiana lutea, including its botany, history in the medical literature,  medicinal use, pharmacology, toxicology and provings.

  • Emotions ↔Cancer Nexus from Homoeopathic Perspective
    Dr. Sujata Naik presents an observational study of the emotion cancer nexus from a homeopathic perspective. Lacking characteristic symptoms, it is suggested that predisposing personality traits and precipitating emotions be included in repertorizationto find the (...)

  • Tips and Secrets
    Tips & Secrets from William Boericke, W.A. Dewey,  H.C. Allen  on ear conditions, tonsils, blisters on palate,reversedperistalsis,antidotes for tobacco abuse symptoms, sclerosis of ossicles and much more…

  • Some Peculiar Differentiating Features of Remedies Acute Prescriptions Part 2
    Dr. Shrikant Talari shares some peculiar differentiating features of remedies. Included are Aconite, FerrumPhos, Belladonna, Cocculus, Veratrum album, Agaricus, Tarentula, Hyoscyamus, Colchicum, Podophyllum and others.

  • Transcript of Jan Scholten interview with David Nortman (Part 4)
    In the final part below, Jan Scholten shares his views on the nature of reality in light of his homeopathic discoveries: • Western and Eastern science: embracing both the outer and the inner worlds. • The underlying pattern of reality as revealed by the mineral and plant systems. • Traditional (...)

  • Research in Homeopathy- An Update
    Homeopath Robert Medhurst presents homeopathy research onrecurrent urinary tract infections, allergic rhinitis, premenstrual disorders, lung cancer in rats, immunomodulatory effects, anti- cancer effects in-vitro, and more.

  • Feb 2019 Plant Doctor – RadkoTichavsky
    Holo homeopath Radko Tichavsky answers questions about hard scale in rose plants,root knot nematodes, pears infested by Apple Maggots, Western Corn Rootworm infestation and cancer viruses in soil. Send your garden and crop questions to: (...)

  • Reach for a Remedy by Clodagh Sheehy & Svetlana Pavlova Heywood Jones
    Reach for a Remedy by Clodagh Sheehy & Svetlana Pavlova Heywood Jones is reviewed by Rochelle Marsden, who finds it useful for the complete amateur who has heard of homeopathy, or anyone who uses it for various complaints but wants to know more. (...)

  • Reflections on Science and Reality: Interview with Jan Scholten (Part 4) by David Nortman
    In this interview Jan Scholten discusses the underlying patterns of reality revealed by the mineral and plant systems, randomness and determination, traditional religion vs. spirituality and much more.

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